Kate's Style Tips

- Never underestimate the power of elevated basics- think white tees, a pair of your favorite vintage jeans, or a timeless little black or white dress.

- Classic elegance always ensures a timeless feel for your photos.

- Let your personality shine through your look! Authenticity makes for the most special photo experience.

Ready to Begin?


Can I extend the session on the day of?

Absolutely! I want you to receive the best possible client experience, so whether you would love to capture more photos at a secondary location, or you're simply enjoying the photo session too much to cut it short, I am here to accommodate your wishes! Please feel free to reach out on the day of the session regarding specific details and any applicable price adjustments.

this is my first photoshoot- what should I expect?

I am so happy to be a part of your photo journey! Thank you for trusting me during this process. My hope for every client experience is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and to let your personality shine through. Expect to have a fun and relaxed session, and I hope this will be a memorable experience for you!

What If I am unexpectedly late to my session? Will my session be affected?

I kindly request for all of my clients to plan sufficient tine to arrive to your session. If you happen to be running late, please give me a call. Due to scheduling, the session's time may be affected, with these variables in mind: time of day, lighting. and subsequent sessions for other client(s). For example, if you have scheduled a 60-minute session, and are late by 20 minutes, your session will be shortened to a 40-minute one. Thank you in advance for your understanding and punctuality!

Can I do an outfit change during my session?

Absolutely! I love a good vibe change mid-session and it can add so much more depth and details to your photos. Let's allow for a few extra minutes to accommodate your additional outfits!

What should I wear?

If you're feeling overwhelmed about what to wear, never fear! My three things to keep in mind when planning outfit (s) are:

Dress for the location- during the months with unpredictable weather, wear layers! Pair a cute top with a cozy sweater or jacket to add interest (and much-needed warmth) to your photos. Be mindful of which shoes you'll be able to move freely in. Sandals or going barefoot for the beach, boots for a chilly day in the city, etc.

Dress for your authentic style: if your signature style includes mom jeans and a cozy sweater, or if you enjoy dressing up for photos, own your style and be confident. I always suggest neutrals and clothing with interesting details on them, like lace, bows, or fringe. These will infuse your photos with personality!

When in doubt, keep it classic:
Perhaps trendy styles aren't your ideal choice for engagement photos that you will be looking back on for the rest of your life. Luckily, the classic shapes and styles never go out of fashion, and they'll make for some truly stunning photos to cherish. For me personally, I always ask myself, "would Audrey Hepburn wear this in the modern-day?' and that has saved me from a few potential fashion fails.

- I hope that this style guide addressed your concerns and gave you some inspiration, but if there is anything I have missed, please reach out with questions or advice! I'm always willing to step in as a stylist for the day!

Do you require a deposit?

I do kindly request a deposit prior to your scheduled session date, which will be discussed in the initial booking process. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Can I bring my pet to be a part of my photo session?

Absolutely! Your furry family member is most welcome at your session! I suggest bringing a friend with you to hold/entertain your pet in between the other photos!