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portrait & Lifestyle photography

Kaitlyn Noëlle



I am, above all things- a romantic at heart.

Music, art, and vintage films cultivated my passion for photography at a young age. I am a lover of Jacksonville Beach sunrises, snuggling up with a Jane Austen novel on a rainy day, and I have a soft spot for country music on vinyl. I believe that life is full of little opportunities to capture breathtaking, beautiful moments in everyday life. It brings me so much joy to deliver that experience to my clients!

I am always up for a creative challenge and have even been known to stop traffic to get the perfect shot (perks of being a sassy Jersey girl, I suppose!) My creative aesthetic is deeply rooted in the vintage fashion magazines I read as a young girl, and is balanced with my love for editorial style of photography.  

I believe that the muse (YOU!) brings the beauty to every location, so whether you'd love a photoshoot at the coast, a cozy in-home session, or one strolling Bow Bridge in Central Park, my passion is to make your experience everything you've dreamed of. The world is truly your oyster when you step in front of the camera! Nothing makes my heart beat faster than seeing a genuine and surreal moment unfold before my camera's lens. The everyday wonders that make life so sweet are my favorite to capture. I hope that you enjoy this glimpse into my love for photography...

storytelling is an art.

"photographs are the wildflowers of
our memories: capturing just one fills
the soul with the
beauty & warmth of love."

- Kaitlyn Noëlle